Does using RAID 1 slow down your computer?

Answer On One Hand: Two Sets of DataComputers access data on hard drives. Multiple hard drives can be used separately in a computer, or, the hard drives can be configured to work together in a RAID (Redun... Read More »

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I have 3 1TB HDs. Should I do a RAID 0 on 2 & backup on 1, or buy another disk for RAID 10 how about RAID 5?

Correct, 2 drives in raid will give the highest read/write speed. Using the third drive to do image backups would give a good backup solution.My plans for my next machine are to do Raid-0 with 2x 1... Read More »

What does RAID stand for on a computer?

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, or sometimes Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. In a RAID array, the computer stores data across multiple hard disks, but the user sees only... Read More »

How to Convert a Linux RAID 0 Disk Array to a RAID 1?

If for some reason, you've decided to move away from RAID0 in favor of RAID1, the following HOWTO is based on my experience making the switch.

How can I move two drives in raid 0 from one computer?

Morning Michaelmake sure the drives are kept in the same order. On the new machine, you need to go into the RAID control utility and scan the drives. It should be no problemDo a full backup first!g... Read More »