Does upgrading to Vista slow down your computer?

Answer Wow, all these crazy answers! And lots of thumbs down, as usual, from people who didn't switch to linux - and feel threatened by something that doesn't slow down your computer with crapware, malwar... Read More »

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Why is my windows vista computer slow?

A computer using the Windows Vista operating system must meet certain hardware requirements to perform efficiently. Even if those hardware requirements are met, other factors can also impede system... Read More »

Purchased a new computer with vista and its so slow, how can I fix this?

Ok, buying a Mac isn't going to directly fix your problem, despite what one of your answerers is telling you. Your system is slow due to one of two problems:1) It was slow to begin with -- then I w... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Computer That is Slow to Shut Down on Vista?

While lack of sufficient RAM can significantly slow Windows Vista, as well as its start-up and shut-down, certain applications, drivers or registry settings can also prolong the shut-down process a... Read More »

Will upgrading my RAM memory speed up my Pc will it help to my slow machine?

Yes, upgrading the Ram will help somewhat to speed up your machine. Windows makes use of a swap file on your harddrive to compensate for a lack of physical memory, but as the harddrive is a mechan... Read More »