Does upgrading to Vista slow down your computer?

Answer Wow, all these crazy answers! And lots of thumbs down, as usual, from people who didn't switch to linux - and feel threatened by something that doesn't slow down your computer with crapware, malwar... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Computer That is Slow to Shut Down on Vista?

While lack of sufficient RAM can significantly slow Windows Vista, as well as its start-up and shut-down, certain applications, drivers or registry settings can also prolong the shut-down process a... Read More »

Does MySpace slow your computer down?

On One Hand: MySpace Is a WebsiteIn its most basic form, MySpace is simply a website that users can visit using their favorite web browser. Like many websites, MySpace exists on a web server and on... Read More »

Does QuickTime slow down your computer?

On One Hand: QuickTime Slows Down ComputersThe QuickTime movie player program has a tendency to slow down computers, especially PCs. The program uses about 10MB of system RAM; while this is not a v... Read More »

Does Java Slow Down Your Computer?

On One Hand: Java is a PlatformJava is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Java allows the creation of small programs, called applets. These applets need the Java platform to run.... Read More »