Does unsalted butter contain gluten?

Answer No and it doesnt contain corn syrup.

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How to Keep Unsalted Butter Fresh?

Unsalted butter is useful in the kitchen for reducing salt intake and for giving a fresher flavor to cakes, candies, and other foods you're creating. However, as salt is a preservative, unsalted bu... Read More »

Do I use unsalted or salted butter in yeast bread?

You can use unsalted or salted butter when baking yeast bread. However, when using salted butter, additional salt is being added to your recipe. Because of this, it is usually recommended you stick... Read More »

Does rye flour contain gluten?

Although rye flour doesn't contain wheat, it does have gluten in it. Rye flour is darker and denser than breads made with wheat and the flavoring is stronger. If you have an allergy to gluten or ce... Read More »

Does maltodextrose contain gluten?

In the US they are usually made from corn. In some countries, they are made from rice. In MOST countries, they are made from wheat. It is best to check with the manufacturer.