Does underarm waxing hurt?

Answer On One Hand: Pain is RelativeWhile some people think that waxing hurts, others may not. Some people may feel the pain from waxing for a few minutes, while others may feel it for hours, or days. Acc... Read More »

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How bad would waxing hurt?

if you do it really quick,its not a big ill get used to it!

How bad does waxing your eyebrows hurt?

It might hurt the first time you get it done but after a while u get used to it. And to me, plucking hurts much more than waxing!

Does Waxing Your Eyebrows Hurt More Then Threading?

It depends, I do both - threading is a longer process so it may hurt more. Waxing is quick and stings for only a second.

Does waxing hurt more than getting your ears pierced?

I have 2 piercings in my ear and it does not hurt at all like waxing, and girl I do them both !