Does ultrasonic bark control work?

Answer On One Hand: It Can Lessen BarkingUltrasonic bark control devices are designed to stop excessive barking by emitting a loud, unpleasant sound that is audible to your dog but not to you. In most cas... Read More »

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Does ultrasonic pest control work?

On One Hand: Pests and UltrasoundFor decades, desperate homeowners have invested in electronic devices advertised to repel pests ranging from mosquitoes to rats to deer. Most promise to repel pests... Read More »

Do ultrasonic dog bark collars affect other dogs?

Bark collars that use ultrasound to control a dog's yapping not only give off sounds to the pooch wearing the collar, but to other animals in the area too, according to Pet Education.Source:Pet Edu... Read More »

How does ultrasonic jewelry cleaner work?

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are machines that clean jewelry by passing ultrasonic waves through water or a cleaning solution in order to clean the jewelry thoroughly. Using this kind of jewelry cle... Read More »

How to Control a Scottish Terrier's Bark?

The Scottish Terrier is a presidential breed. Many American heads of state have enlivened the White House with a gregarious Scottie. Despite their First Family reputation, these terriers are not al... Read More »