Does turmeric water helps (ONLY FOR GIRLS)?

Answer No!

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Girls here is something I found that helps out w/ beauty?

Wow thankyouu ! x&& i kneww:Putting lotion on your hands and feet at night etc.Lightly brushing lips with toothbrush etc.Toothpaste on zits.Heating your eyelash curler etc.Metal spoon on eyebags et... Read More »

What Helps Dissolve Fragrance Oil Into Water?

Water is a natural solvent that dissolves many substances like salt into it. Unfortunately, not all substances dissolve in water, including oils. Fragrance oil is an oil found in many personal care... Read More »

What is water made of that helps plants grow?

Answer: H2O, hydrogen and oxygen. Photosynthesis in plants combines hydrogen from water with carbon from CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere to make carbohydrates, or simple sugars and starches.... Read More »

What temperature of water helps a plant grow better?