Does trimming hair help it grow faster?

Answer On One Hand: Trimming Makes Hair Look HealthierTrimming the hair will get rid of split ends and gives the hair a healthier appearance as it is growing. Hair products that give the hair more volume,... Read More »

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Does Trimming Hair Help it Grow?

The idea that trimming hair will make it grow faster is a fairly common belief. But this widespread misperception has no basis in physiology, because hair of a given type grows at the same rate, re... Read More »

Does horse shampoo help hair grow faster?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsShampoos created for horses have many of the same ingredients as shampoos created for humans. However, they are often low in harmful sulfates (salts that dry out hai... Read More »

Does mayonnaise with lime help hair grow faster?

On One Hand: Using a Hair MaskPutting a mixture of mayonnaise and lime on your hair like a mask will help condition your hair, but will not do anything much for growth. The hair that you see (mean... Read More »

New moon and hair trimming, is this true you hair will grow faster if you trim on a new moon and if you trim?

For healthy Hair :Start With Proper Nutrition This is probably the single most important factor to having healthy hair. Just like any part of the body, the hair needs certain nutrients in certain a... Read More »