Does travel insurance go up for insulin users?

Answer You can't stop tourists from using natural resources. Trying to do that will end your tourist industry on the spot. People are going to use resources no matter where they are. What you want to do i... Read More »

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Insulin users will you take a survey?

I am not diabetic, but my 2 year old daughter is a type 1 ... so these answers are for her :o)1. Humalog & Lantus2. One Lantus in the morning, and Humalog 3x per day, each time before meals3. 4 ... Read More »

Does a travel advisory affect travel insurance coverage or claims?

'Abode' has a couple of distinct senses: 1: any address at which you dwell more than temporarily; 2: housing that someone is living in

If Im planning to travel should you purchase travel health insurance through the same company you get your regular insurance from?

You can get traveler's health insurance or international medical insurance from your regular insurance company if they offer it.Depending on your current plan, it may already be included, or you ma... Read More »

You are in Egypt without travel insurance and may be delayed for another week due to the problems with flights are you able to obtain any kind of travel insurance now?