How to Make a Popping Noise With Your Hands/Mouth (No Touching)?

Answer Article to teach you to play a song, or make different tones of pops with your mouth/hands.

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How to get rid of oily/greasy hands?

Pour 1 tbsp. of lemon juice in one cupped palm and rub it into slightly oily hands. The fruit's citric acid naturally cuts and dissolves light layers of grease and oil. Wipe hands clean with a dry ... Read More »

How can I make my hair less greasy?

It's certainly not the water softener. You're a teenager right? It's just what happens through adolescence and its really common. Just shower every day and lather your hair with shampoo for a good ... Read More »

How do I make my hair not greasy?

sure, buy a shampoo for oily hair, or a VOLUMIZING shampoo. Use the same kind of conditioner if you like. Professional products from the salon or beauty supply are best (not the ones in the drug ... Read More »

How do you make your hair less greasy?

Stop your bawling. Just wrap it up or don't touch it.