Does topsoil have a higher humus content than subsoil?

Answer Yes, topsoil has a higher humus content than subsoil. It tends to be the layer of the soil food web where above and below ground organisms such as bacteria, beetles, and earthworms live and die. Th... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Topsoil & Subsoil & Bedrock?

Most people take soil for granted; yet, it is the one thing that sustains plant life so that the rest of us can live. Soil is composed of several layers, which all differ in their composition and d... Read More »

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Does You-tube's copyright only applies when your content is matched to the other youtube content ?

Uh, no, it applies whenever it matches ANY copyrighted content that has been referenced by any copyright owners who want YT to scan for their materials, even if you're the first one to do it.In any... Read More »

Why does comcast raise their rates all the time why don't they be like direct tv etc and just have a set price that doesn't keep getting higher and higher?

It's not Patrick Dempsey in the commercial. That's why the actor is so blurry and out of focus. It's a lame attempt by Direct TV to make you think they have a celebrity endorsement.