Does toothbrush sanitizer work?

Answer On One Hand: Easy To UseToothbrush sanitizer is believed to kill micro-bacteria that builds up on toothbrushes. You simply soak the toothbrush in the sanitizer solution between uses. New sanitizer ... Read More »

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How to Use BrushRx Toothbrush Sanitizer?

BrushRx™ is a revolutionary new antibacterial toothbrush sanitizer spray that is scientifically formulated for disinfecting and killing 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and germs on your toothbrush.... Read More »

How does a Sonicare toothbrush work?

Sonicare toothbrushes rely on a sonic technology to clean teeth better than a regular toothbrush. The brushes are electrically powered and clean teeth with less pressure than a manual toothbrush.So... Read More »

Does hand sanitizer cure pimples?

No but skunk feces is what works for me. I'm SERIOUS I have no idea why! I was walking along staring at my pimple in a mirror and I tripped and landed in this gross stuff by a dead skunk D:But th... Read More »

Why does hand sanitizer sting when you put it on a cut?

Hand sanitizer has several chemicals in it including alcohol. That is why it stung the open cut on your hand.