Does tolerance to alcohol/drugs increase as you get older...?

Answer More you use something,the less effective it works on your system.It increases with usage not time.Though it takes time to develope tolerance...But, If you didn't use for 20 years,and are not an al... Read More »

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Best way to increase pain tolerance?

I had the same problem only that being a guy it's even worse because people and society in general just expect man to be tough and walk off even big injuries. I started training martial arts 4 year... Read More »

Does your sex drive increase the older you get?

I've been a horn-ball since I was a child. Ward is truly a lucky man. Is he still treating the Beaver well after all these years?

Difference between normal glucose tolerance and impaired glucose tolerance?

Prediabetes is classified as follows:--(1) Impaired fasting glucose:--Fasting plasma glucose- 100 to 125 mg/dL.(pre-diabetes: abnormal)2 hr post-prandial- Less than 140 mg/dL (Normal).(2) Impired g... Read More »

I have an older tv (1990) . i have a Starchoice satalite system , will my older tv be affected Feb 17 ?

If you receive all your TV from satellite, no, as they have done the conversion for you.However, if you receive some US stations by antenna as well, you will need a converter for them.