Does tithing have to be 10 percent?

Answer On One Hand: Required TitheIn the Old Testament, the law required people to give one-tenth of their resources to the Lord (Lev. 27:30). The Hebrew word for "ten" is from the same root as the Hebrew... Read More »

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Does Christianity promote socialism through tithing?

On One Hand: Acts Chapter 4The end of Chapter 4 of Acts is a favorite among Christian socialists. It states that none of the early believers of the church claimed any of their own possessions, and ... Read More »

If you have medical insurance at work that pays 80 percent of medical bills can you get additional coverage for the other 20 percent?

Yes and no.There are supplemental insurance programs available - do an internet search for "supplemental insurance."Programs such as these will help pay that remaining percentage - in most cases, a... Read More »

What percent of gold and diamonds does Africa have?

Africa contains 50 percent of the world's diamond and gold resources, according to Capitalism Magazine. Africa also possesses 80 percent of the world's rare and vital platinum minerals and untapped... Read More »

How does Combat Control training compare to Pararescue training and do the CCTs have Hell Night and is one easier than the other and is it correct that both have around a 90 percent attrition rate?

my bro is in pararescue (pjs) but did look at combat control (cct). the only major difference is the job its self cct is an ordnance deployment force ( aka they call in airstrikes) cct also is more... Read More »