Does tigi control freak serum work?

Answer On One Hand: Tame Your FrizzTigi Bead Head Control Freak Serum really provides anti-frizz control and shine, while protecting your hair from head damage. In fact, its product description claims the... Read More »

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Does youthology eye serum really work?

On One Hand: Product BenefitsAccording to, the Youthology eye serum is designed to seep into your skin and fill in wrinkles within 90 seconds of application. The cost in 2009 was $39... Read More »

Does hair straightening serum work?

On One Hand: They Do WorkHair straightening serums work by coating the strands, relaxing the curl and making the hair more malleable to styling. Many are meant to be applied to damp, just-washed ha... Read More »

How to Deal With a Control Freak?

Do you know someone who has to dictate and tell everyone how to do things all the time? How can you deal with them and not let them drive you crazy? Here are some steps that really work.

How Do I Know My Husband Is a Control Freak?

Control freaks are terrified of making mistakes. They try to control every little detail in their environments, hoping to ward off unexpected events. Husbands who are control freaks try to control ... Read More »