Does throwing up actually make you lose weight?

Answer It is possible to maintain a normal body weight even if you are throwing up every single thing you eat. The reason is because calories start being absorbed into your body through the walls of your ... Read More »

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Does muscle build before you actually lose "fat, weight" ?

Hello, firstly my apologies for assuming! Secondly, thank you for the BA, the wording of which showed me that you are mature and deserve my respect.When exercising it is inevitable that the underly... Read More »

Do you lose weight by throwing up after meals?

Is this diabetes related? I will assume it is, since it is in the diabetes section.Diabetics will sometimes lose weight by throwing up. If you are diabetic with uncontrolled blood sugars for a lo... Read More »

Can a vegetarian diet actually help lose weight?

Avoid most added-sugar foods and bread, cereal, pasta, cracker, chip type grains/starches in your diet. Eat more fresh whole foods (particularly vegetables), and avoid all processed/refined foods ... Read More »

Can the caramelldansen dance actually help you LOSE weight?

Its probabbly possible since dancing is a type of excercise. Plus the song is so addicting >_