Does this webcam look good?

Answer My daughter has one similar to that one and hers works better than mine. I paid $80 for mine

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I am going to buy a 32 inch HDTV for my bedroom to go with my blu ray player and i just wanted to know if Blu Ray will actually look good on this or does blu ray only look good on 40in plus?

How to Look Good on a Webcam?

Webcams can be used for interacting with friends and family long distance, for work, and even for Intimate Encounters. It is important to know how to look your best on one!

Does this look good on me?

I personally love it. None of the preps that i know would have that hairstlye, but it shouldn't matter. there's plenty of other people in other cliques that have hair that could pass as "preppy". j... Read More »

Does this look a good pc case ?

PC cases are always a very personal thing ... this one looks a lot like the old Antec Sonata case which was an excellent case ... from what I can determine the big selling point of this case is it'... Read More »