Does this statement scare the cack out of anyone else?

Answer I think I read about that, except the item I read mentioned computers rather than machines, the story was that computers would achieve the same brain capacity as the humans by that year !Computer... Read More »

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My husband signed notarized statement saying his ex could move with their daughter to Canada for temp-employment but the notary only viewed his expired ID is this enought ot invalidate the statement?

In order to be able to work legally in Canada, she ( the adult ) has to APPLY for and be accepted by the Canadian Immigration department, and a minor child has to have proper written permission to ... Read More »

Does this scare anyone else on here?

Yes, it is scary. I'm not sure what you mean by "you people" - most of the yahoo! answers folks I've seen answer these girls answer pretty well, although some are people who don't know what they'r... Read More »

How to Scare Someone Who Has a Car?

Are you ready to scare someone as they are pulling out of their parking spot, without letting them know it was you? Here are the quick and easy steps that will do it.

Does the way i look scare you?

Why would that pic be scary? I think you are very pretty. Gorgeous big eyes, by the way. You're beautiful, don't let anyone tell you different babe!