Does this sound pretty ?

Answer Do your natural hair color! dark brown!

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Does my hair sound pretty to you Should I dye it?

DO NOT DYE IT! It sounds absolutely stunning and with the rest of your features I'm sure it suits you really well. I would kill to have naturally red hair. You might think that you want to dye it, ... Read More »

Girls Nails: How Does This Sound Would You Pay For This Pedicure?

I'm 18, and I would definitely pay for this pedicure! Foot massage and pedicure all in one package, how can I refuse! I also admire how you're doing something about being jobless instead of just si... Read More »

Does this mean a woman is naturally pretty?

I wouldn't say naturally pretty but pretty close to it.If she didn't do a major transformation of herself then she's pretty much pretty.Features is what makes a person attractive.And no offense wom... Read More »

Does this girl have potential to be a face model Rate hot pretty.?