Does this sound overweight to you...Guys esp.?

Answer Your BMI classes you at the lower degrees of being 'overweight', sorry, shouldn't matter if you carry it well thoughgreat name btw :)

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Does it sound like I am overweight?

Your not over weight at all! Your actually a perfect weight for your height. Your BMI is 23.5, and a healthy BMI is 18.5-24.9. Anything over 25 is considered overweight. The weight however is proba... Read More »

Do i sound overweight to u?

no noo... you sound averge to a 16 year old dudee. :]

Girls Nails: How Does This Sound Would You Pay For This Pedicure?

I'm 18, and I would definitely pay for this pedicure! Foot massage and pedicure all in one package, how can I refuse! I also admire how you're doing something about being jobless instead of just si... Read More »

How does this sound....?

Veg. Biriyani please along with kachumber. Yummy! :)