Does this sound like a good idea to put on youtube?

Answer Sorry, but to me this advocates the use of alcohol (or whatever the drink is) to escape the reality of life, and a 'cure all' for your problems, which would never be accepted by 'Advertising Standa... Read More »

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Does this sound like a good YouTube channel name?

Chump sounds to manly... i dk why i just does... try ThatChickStevie or other variations. there are alot of youtube name generators on the next. just google them.mine is bad but i stuck with it now... Read More »

Does this name sound like a good YouTube Channel name?

Doesn't sound entirely right, maybe you could try...SteviesDenStevieDoesVlogsSteviesCornerTheLifeOfStevieSteviesVlogsLibbisVideoDenLibbiDoesVlogsIf not you should stick by it :)

Does this sound like a good computer?

Its pretty good, thought I would wait a while because the computer market looks like it will continue to fall and computers will get cheaper in a short period of time. Also the windows installed on... Read More »

Does this sound like a good meal?

Excellent - But have you ever cooked any of this before. I would suggest that you try something a bit less hectic if you have not. Just getting the fillets correct takes some practice. But hay y... Read More »