Does this sound like a fractured wrist?

Answer Sounds like it. Don't move it and go to the hospital, if it swells put ice on it

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I keep getting wrist pains like it's fractured and don't know why,would love another persons opinion.?

put an ice pack on you may have to put some paper towel around it do that for 20 min 2 or 3 times a day but do go see someone about it good luck!

Why does my sprained wrist keep going numb Could it be fractured?

It could have got a nerve, or be a fracture, in which case you need to call the doctor's or get it checked out again!EDIT: thanks for the help on mine :) but here's some more I thought of after I a... Read More »

I feel like i have a fish flopping around in my chest. Does this sound like a heart problem and if so, what?

Usually that feeling comes from what's called PVC's (premature ventricular contractions). They are very common often can come from stress, caffine, salt, hyperactive thryroid and other conditions. ... Read More »

Does this sound like the flu?

It could be the flu. Drink lots of orange juice (even if you're sick it won't taste as bad), and keep lots of fluids in your body. Stay warm and toasty, and lay down so you get more circulation thr... Read More »