Does this seem good for a high school party Need some info?

Answer that can be enough liquor for young'uns but a dub is never enough! Especially for more than 10 people

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How can you get info in the mail about colleges if your a freshman in high school?

A freshmen or freshman is a 9th grader (first year of high school).Both are correct.Freshmen is plural: "The Freshmen sit in the first rows at the game."Freshman is singular: "The student waiting i... Read More »

Can a high school senior get a student loan w/o submitting her parent's tax info?

When you fill out FAFSA and it asks about your parents it will ask if you if they have filed/will filled/ or will not file. I have never picked will not file but I assume it will ask you about thei... Read More »

HIGH SCHOOL GUYS: Whats the best thing a high school girl can wear to look good?

Moving to Vevey, Switzerland, looking for a good primary school, any info appreciated!?

Hi there, I put my 2 kids in a bilingual school, you will be able to find them at school offers an international curriculum and has a truly friendly spirit.Hope t... Read More »