Does this scare anyone else on here?

Answer Yes, it is scary. I'm not sure what you mean by "you people" - most of the yahoo! answers folks I've seen answer these girls answer pretty well, although some are people who don't know what they'r... Read More »

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Does this statement scare the cack out of anyone else?

I think I read about that, except the item I read mentioned computers rather than machines, the story was that computers would achieve the same brain capacity as the humans by that year !Computer... Read More »

Does anyone else on here have a crush on Tom?

He is sorta cute ;)(Edit - o.k. so I just checked out his pics again - he is actually pretty darn hot!)

Does anyone else here feel bad for Britney?

Britney is a classic example of what the media does to someone that they have decided to hang out to dry.Britney isn't a bad person regardless of what people say about her, but people love to hate ... Read More »

Does anyone else on here have retinitis pigmentosa?

Hi Laura!I was diagnosed 4 years ago, when I was 24. Nowadays, I'm able to drive a car: during the day I don't have any difficulties, though during the night I prefer my friends do that, but I thin... Read More »