Does this outfit look too formal?

Answer No not at all, it looks classy and tasteful. You could make it even more casual by adding a chunky bracelet or necklace, or trendy shoes.Don't listen to half the people on here, most of them are 12... Read More »

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Is this outfit too formal for the first day of school?

Very cute but don't you need dress robes for Hogwarts? lol

How to Choose Your Outfit for a Semi Formal Dance?

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Why some siblings after growing up become formal with each other like outsiders are formal to each other?

I believe this is because as people grow and mature they change. When you are not around while this is happening you often don't know how they are feeling or how they changed. This could happen bec... Read More »

How to Slow Dance at a Formal or Semi Formal Dance?

If you have ever wanted to dance with that special someone you've probably wanted to slow dance. Asking a girl to a dance is a different article, and this one will show you how make the date even b... Read More »