Does this optical drive play games and films?

Answer Customer reviews and a good set of technical detail is shown at from the US. Since the sales rate at Newegg is high, many items have a reasonable amount of feedback: Read More »

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Can this optical drive plug into this motherboard?

Unfortunately no, that optical drives uses an IDE cable and the motherboard only has SATA. IDE is an outdated connection method and it doesn't get used on modern motherboards.

Will a blu ray disc play on a optical drive?

How Does a Cd/Dvd Optical Drive Work?

A common staple found on most computer systems today, optical drives allow for a wide variety of functions. Computer drives that use lasers to read and write data, people often use optical drives f... Read More »

Do you need a DVD drive to play games?

You need a DVD drive to play computer games only if you want to play a game that comes on a DVD disc. You'll find many online services that allow you to purchase and download games over the Interne... Read More »