Does this mean my hard drive is dead?

Answer You would need to Put your Windows CD in the drawer and restart your computer. If your Bios settings are set to boot from your CD/DvD drive, Windows should start to load files. If Windows starts to... Read More »

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What does RPM for a hard drive mean?

RPM stands for revolutions per minute, or how many times the hard drive is able to rotate. The hard drive is the computer component that permanently stores the information on your computer so it is... Read More »

What does an ATA hard drive mean?

An ATA hard drive is one that uses an older standard for connecting to a computer's motherboard.BackgroundThe technology behind ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) drives was developed and release... Read More »

Does storing digital data on a hard drive increase the overall weight of the hard drive?

there's no increase in weight at all the data that is stored is magnetic in some ways similar to an old cassette tape but on a disk so changing polarity of the magnetic medium on the disk doesn't i... Read More »

How to erase hard drive on a dead computer?

The only way to completely erase a drive is to take the disks out and destroy them with a hammer or in an incinerator.Formatting the drive will only erase the header information on the sectors, the... Read More »