Does this mean heart attack?

Answer When you say that the pain gets worse when you cough that is a pretty good sign that it's not coming from your heart. Pain felt during a heart attack doesn't get better with changing positions and ... Read More »

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Does chest pain mean a heart attack?

There are many different causes of chest pains. Some of these causes are life-threatening and require immediate medical attention. Angina at rest, and heart attack caused by a blood clot in a coron... Read More »

If you have a heart attack does it mean you might die soon?

It's really impossible to say how much time he has left. At his age, he could go at any time. Or he could live another 20 years.A lot of people his age have already had a couple of heart attacks an... Read More »

Hii I'm a 17 year old boy who used to smoke and experienced heart pains is this signs of a heart attack?

Football is a very demanding on the cardio vascular system, once you have chosen to quit smoking almost right away your body will begin the healing process, How many cigarettes Can a ... Read More »

What is the difference between a massive heart attack & a heart attack?

As discussed above, a heart attack is a process where an artery feeding the heart muscle with oxygenated blood becomes blocked or is obstructed, to the point where "infarction" occurs. Infarction ... Read More »