Does this mean I'm a YouTube partner?

Answer I don't think you are. because the email does not state about anything legal eg: Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy and stuff like that It is more then likely an automated email to say they have ... Read More »

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What does being a YouTube partner mean?

-- a special banner for your profile page -- a banner alongside every played video-- your channel-page video on "autoplay"-- automatic "high-def" to all your videos-- "special" videos over 10 minut... Read More »

What does it mean if I get a youtube partner message?

Not only is it free, but YOU earn the money. I am a partner. Although the new partnership program is what you have, so it doesn't do much. It isn't special, but it means you have enough views to ea... Read More »

What does this mean on youtube?

It means that your Java needs a patch of disable it. It's not safe.

Youtube: Does this mean I can still get a copyright strike if the video does get copyrighted?

Answer to your question is No and remember, try not to use copyrighted items. After three strikes your account will be suspended.