Does this mean I will get my braces off soon!?

Answer Well I had elastics for over a year before I got my braces off. When my dentists finally said "soon" I got them off 2 months later :)

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You are 36 weeks and 3 cm dilated with your second child Does this mean labor will happen soon?

u can be dilated for up to 3 weeks at 3 cm, although every pregnancy is different try walking alot that always helped me i was 3 cm for a week and had my second child i walked every day for 6 da... Read More »

My 17 year old son will be getting braces soon but he is afraid they will be painful.?

Well I'm 16 you really dont feel any pain your teeth are just sore for a little while for about 3 days and then you get used to it. When it gets farther in your dentist might give him rubber bands ... Read More »

Getting braces soon , and I'm really worried about this?

The orthodontist will find a way to bring that tooth forward don't worry, its very very very very unlikely it will have to come out :)

I'm getting braces soon.. will I look that bad?

Alright, I've had braces before, and they look excellent without glasses. I have seen people with glasses beofre and they look cute without braces. Together, they make a very cute addition to eacho... Read More »