Does this make me a hypocrite?

Answer People on this forum obviously will say yes you are a hypocrite. But I am vegetarian and I don't think you are a hypocrite. I used to eat meat as 99% of all vegetarians did. I loved animals then... Read More »

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Do you think I am a hypocrite?

Hi! Haven't seen in V&V in a long time. You are NOT a hypocrite but you are in a kind of, sort of hypocritical situation! Way back in the day I did my stint in burger joints (they weren't called fa... Read More »

Is this ufo footage real or is this fake I really don't know what to make of this!?

Does this make me a nerd?

Screw that dude, they're ******* cool! I know a bunch of people -- besides myself -- that would kill for either of those. And yeah, I guess they are nerds, but hell, who says that's a bad thing?

Why does my TV make this noise?

I WILL BET DOLLARS TO DOUGHNUTS YOU HAVE A CABLE BOX ON THAT TV SET !And that the volume bar on your Cable Box is set low, while your TV's Volume is set HIGH.That creates the SSssssssssssssssssssss... Read More »