Does this look like a good pc build?

Answer Your motherboard has an AM3+ socket, and the CPU fits an FM1 socket. You should have a 600W-700W PSU.

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Does My Eyeliner Look Good Like This Or Is It Over The Top?

With the haircut you have the eyeliner looks good. But it is applied a bit heavy, but if you like it like that, it shouldn't matter what others think.♥

Does my beard look good like this PICTURES INCLUDED!?

Well, your beard looks ok, but i dont think that style suits you. Maybe shaved, to match your hair, then that would look great, coz you have the chin to pull that off.

Does this look like a good TV for gaming and watching movies?

Actually, I disagree with the other answer here. Even at close distances, and normal viewing distances, the difference between 720p and 1080p is clear. So watching movies, you will notice a diff in... Read More »

I am going to buy a 32 inch HDTV for my bedroom to go with my blu ray player and i just wanted to know if Blu Ray will actually look good on this or does blu ray only look good on 40in plus?