Does this look like a good pc build?

Answer Your motherboard has an AM3+ socket, and the CPU fits an FM1 socket. You should have a 600W-700W PSU.

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Is this a good desktop build or could you build anything better for the same price or less?

Get a 660Ti or a 7870 insted.I think what the other guy meant to say was "Why are you torrenting it instead" lol

I work at a lumber yard and know all the good sub contractors. Would it be a good idea to build my own home?

There are so many properties on the market at a budget price, which are cheaper than buying the materials you need to build the same house.

Is this a good build?

Very good build, but take notice that if you are using a nVidia or ATI card (non-integrated) with 600MHZ+, then you'll need the CPU clock speed of 2.66GHZ+, otherwise they'll slow each other down.T... Read More »

Is this a good pc build?

Looks great, though you may want to consider waiting for Windows 8 to come out before building it; you'll save yourself a bit of money.