Does this look infected Daughter fell and has stitches in knee!?

Answer It doesn't look like it is infected from the picture you provided. You always get that white skin from the moisture in the wound. It will dry out (dead skin) Watch for excessive redness and swellin... Read More »

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If I got three stitches in my finger and it does not look infected, but the doctor told me I had to come back?

Of course you can cut them out yourself. With a finger that is perfectly fine, since no one cares if a finger looks gruesome with a scar or badly healed stitch marks - though of course it will neve... Read More »

Does this cut look infected?

No it looks ok to me. Just keep applying antisceptic and make sure you eat Plenty of protein so you heal quicker. If it starts to ooze pus, the area becomes extremely inflamed, or you get a fever a... Read More »

Is this knee scrape infected Pic inside.?

That looks pretty normal for a large, but shallow, scrape. The little bit of red around the margins is inflammation: that's your immune system doing it's job to prevent further infection.(If you s... Read More »

I fell on my knee about a year ago and this still won't go away, what do i do?

Looks scarred to me.I fell on my knee about 8 years ago and the scar is still pinkish like that.