Does this korean stuff Han Yak work?

Answer I'm with you. I don't believe it does anything but if you believe in it maybe the power of mind will help you :)

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Will a Korean iPhone work in Australia?

Oh! certainly not for some apps, that means they are free. Wanna find em search in the internet, or search the videos in youtube. The apps in the app store are not for free they need some amount of... Read More »

Can American games work on a Korean PS2?

Out of the box, a Korean PlayStation 2 can only play games that are region-locked to Korean consoles. However, there are a variety of chips, such as "mod" chips, that will unlock the console and al... Read More »

Does rosetta stone work for learning korean?

On One Hand: It Teaches the Korean LanguageRosetta Stone helps people learn more than 30 different languages, including Korean. This system uses the immersion technique for teaching languages. The ... Read More »

TRUE or FALSE: When Korean Foot pedicurists Speak in Korean WHILE doing your feet, it = BAD toe talk?

It is completely rude for one to speak a foreign language in front of someone who does not understand. They might be bad mouthing your feet or you in particular, or they could be talking about some... Read More »