Does this keyboard and mouse support Windows 7?

Answer I do not think you will have any problem, but here is the support site… Hello, You could try shutting it down and when you start it up press F8 repeatedly... Read More »

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Windows 7 keyboard and mouse failure?

Check your BIOS settings and make sure USB legacy keyboard and mouse support is enabled.

Keyboard+Mouse or Controller for Windows(Xbox360)Why?

personally I prefer the controller as its the gaming option I grew up with never owning a gaming PC myself not even now. Controllers work better for me because everything is right there in you 2 ha... Read More »

I bought a new mouse, and this morning I found some droppings on my keyboard. Should I take it back?

How does one Bind commands Mouse/Keyboard?

Binding is the correct term, yes, but to do that you would need to be able to use a console or other debugging tools. It is very simple and easy though you probably will need a guide that tells yo... Read More »