Does this invention exist and if so what do you call it?

Answer I don't know of anything like that but it would be cool if there was!! :-)

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What did the inventor of the lava lamp first call his invention?

The inventor of the Lava Lamp, Edward Craven Walker, originally marketed the product as the Astro Lamp. Two Americans who purchased the rights to make and sell the lamps in the United States re-bra... Read More »

What was before the invention of the CD?

Cd's replaced Long Play (LP) vinyl records and Single records in the 1990,s.Cassettes replaced 8 tracks back in the 1970'sPS. The funny thing I found is if you go to some night clubs they are still... Read More »

What should I name this "invention"?

Its supposed to help you remember thingsIt’s a ringHow about Remembe-Ring

What's the best invention out there?