Does this cut need stitches?

Answer YES! It looks very deep, go to the hospital to get stitches

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((HELP)) Does this need stitches?

No it doesn't.Just make sure that you keep the cut real clean. Bandage it only for two days, then let it air till the cut heals. Wash the cut with Hydrogen peroxide and put Neosporin ointment on th... Read More »

How deep or big does a cut need to be to need stitches?

In general, a full-thickness cut through all the layers of the skin that is at least one cm in length. A shallow or tangential cut (at an angle) may or may not be sutured. That's because a very sh... Read More »

Does my cut need stitches?

You will need stitches if the cut is an inch deep. You also need the wound cleaned and be sure you are up to date with your tetanus shot.See your doctor.

Does this look infected Daughter fell and has stitches in knee!?

It doesn't look like it is infected from the picture you provided. You always get that white skin from the moisture in the wound. It will dry out (dead skin) Watch for excessive redness and swellin... Read More »