Does this NY times Question bother you Who's to blame for Students debt?

Answer And look, she is working as a photographer. You don't even need a degree to be a photographer. Borrowing $100,000 for just a Bachelor's degree was insane, and in what? Religious and Women's stud... Read More »

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Whos to blame when children swear?

Its all to do with growing up.they learn it at school,but the teachers don't use that sort of language.they say its a film they saw.who rented it?they say its us the parents but do we use bad langu... Read More »

Does this bother anyone else?

you have NO idea how much I agree with you on this. I am living next door to my friend, who we are both 39 now. She got pregnant and had a miscarriage in February...didn't ever use any birth cont... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: Does this ever bother you?

i was just thinking this last night too.bill's statement sorta left me broken...but it also made me realize something.we're just a bunch of fangirls who love their music and watch all their intervi... Read More »

Does this bother you as well Why do people seem to think if you are a veggie you can still eat fish?

Because there are a lot of 'vegetarians' who do eat fish! For us non veggies it can be difficult to find something to cook for vegetarians -fish just widens the options! Don't be upset by it, jus... Read More »