Does there need to be two walnut trees to produce walnuts?

Answer Yes! there also needs to be mood lighting, soft music, and a comfy bed or chair. Hope that helps ;)

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How long does it take for a walnut tree to produce walnuts?

Short answer: it depends on several factors, but 5-7 years is common, while it can often be even longer. Or possibly shorter.To begin with, there are several varieties of Walnut trees of both of th... Read More »

Do walnut trees grow walnuts every year?

Yes, they do but this depends a little on the variety and how the tree is managed. They tend to bear more heavily on alternate years, but this can be helped by thinning the crop quite a lot in the ... Read More »

Do I need to prune my young black walnut trees?

If the black walnut tree is for timber purposes, pruning at a young age will result in high-quality veneer. Corrective pruning encourages straight stems, but if the grower has no intention of selli... Read More »

How to Grow Walnut Trees With Black Walnut Rootstock?

Black walnut trees grown from seed yield a small percentage of kernel per nut, in a shell that is notoriously difficult to crack. According to the University of Missouri, black walnut trees that ar... Read More »