Does there have to be a csa rating on recycled cans?

Answer No, there does not have to be a CSA rating on recycled cans. It is not necessary for CSA to certify recycled cans to sell to the United States. The choice of who certifies cans depends on the selle... Read More »

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How do i sell recycled cans?

Collect CansSave or find aluminum cans. Ask neighbors if they are willing to save their cans for you. Having neighbors place bags that contain only aluminum cans out with their trash makes it easy ... Read More »

How many cans are recycled a year?

In 2009, approximately 54 billion aluminum cans were recycled. A used aluminum can is recycled and put back on the market for sale as a new can in as little as 60 days.Source:Earth 911: Facts About... Read More »

How many aluminum cans are recycled?

More than 1,665,000,000 pounds of aluminum cans are recycled in a year. That's an increase of astronomical proportions compared to 1972, when a mere 53 million pounds were recycled. Over 100,000 ca... Read More »

How to Make a Countertop From Recycled Cans?

You can complete many do-it-yourself projects using recycled materials. Tin cans can look surprisingly attractive when cut or welded into new products. Building a functional countertop out of cans ... Read More »