Does the yx500-cel work as a fm antenna?

Answer The Wi-Ex zBoost YX500 is a device used to boost the signals of cellular telephones. The device is designed to work with PCS wireless phones and can be used inside and outside. The Wi-Ex zBoost YX5... Read More »

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How does antenna work?

In order to understand antennas it is helpful to understand electricity and it's effect on metals, so for a comprehensive understanding you should first educate yourself on that subject. However, i... Read More »

How does a tv antenna balun work?

It is a small transformer that allows you to properly connect a 300 ohm "balanced" antenna to 75 ohm "unbalanced" TV set. It works by allowing a "balanced" antenna to combine its outputs (it has 2)... Read More »

How does A WIFI antenna work?

Does Tivo work with an antenna TV?

TiVo works with over-the-air antenna TV setups. According to TiVo's website, a TV with a digital antenna connection will support each series of DVR boxes and may be able to provide and record high-... Read More »