Does the yx500-cel work as a fm antenna?

Answer The Wi-Ex zBoost YX500 is a device used to boost the signals of cellular telephones. The device is designed to work with PCS wireless phones and can be used inside and outside. The Wi-Ex zBoost YX5... Read More »

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Is it easy to obtain a TV signal with a digital antenna or a analog antenna Digital antenna is hard to turn.?

Digital requires a bit more signal, and most transitional digital transmitters are transmitting a lower power. Chances are, if you get a good analog picture, you will likely get the digital one.Rea... Read More »

How does antenna work?

In order to understand antennas it is helpful to understand electricity and it's effect on metals, so for a comprehensive understanding you should first educate yourself on that subject. However, i... Read More »

Will an antenna work with a Wi-Fi PC card?

Although antennas work extremely well with Wi-Fi, the challenge is in finding a PC card that can accept an external antenna without requiring you to open the adapter and hack one in. There are, ho... Read More »

How does A WIFI antenna work?