Does the word paper come from the word papyrus?

Answer The word "paper" does come from the word "papyrus." Invented by the ancient Egyptians, papyrus was a precursor to the paper that we use today. The Egyptians made papyrus scrolls by taking the inner... Read More »

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Where does the word"skeleton"come from?

The word "skeleton" comes from the Latin "sceleton," which means "bones, bony framework of the body," which was taken from the Greek "skeletón." Skeletón is short for sṓma skeletón, or "dried-... Read More »

Where does the word economics come from?

Drexel University explains that the word “economics” derives from two Greek words, “oikos” and "nomia." “Oikos” translates to a family household or estates, and “nomia” means laws o... Read More »

Where does the word mattress come from?

The word "mattress" originally stems from the Arabic word "taraha," which means "to throw." In Arabic, a "matrah" is a mat or a cushion. The word is also similar in Old French, materas, and Italian... Read More »

Where does the word photograph come from?

From Ancient Greek φωτός (photos, "light"), plus γράφειν (graphein, "write") Literaly written with light England: the word was coined by Sir John Herschel on March 14th, 1839.