Does the word muslim appear in the book of revelations?

Answer The Book of Revelations, the final book of the Christian Bible, does not contain the word "Muslim" or any other reference to Islam. Mohammad founded the religion of Islam in 610 A.D., roughly 550 y... Read More »

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Who is the antichrist in the book of Revelations?

The Book of Revelation in the Bible does not contain the word "antichrist"; the term is used exclusively in the Book of John for a liar, deceiver and one who denies both the Father and the coming o... Read More »

What book does the character Quilp appear in?

The most famous one is in Charles Dickens's "The Old Curiosity Shop". charley and the chocolate factory

How many times does the word"faith"appear in the new testament?

The word "faith" can be found a total of 304 times in the New Testament of the King James version of the Holy Bible as published on the Project Gutenberg website.Source:Gutenberg Project: King Jame... Read More »

Who is the African American actor in the new yellow book commercial where he is sitting with his supposed wife waiting for the book to MAGICALLY appear He was in an 80s or 90s sitcom?

The name is Dorien Wilson. He is from the HBO show "Dream On" back in the early 90's.