Does the wife get any of the deceased husband's social security?

Answer On One Hand: Benefits Are AvailableThe wife of a deceased husband who worked long enough to qualify for Social Security is entitled to benefits. The amount of benefit would be based on the wife's a... Read More »

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Does an ex-wife have special rights to the estate of her deceased ex-husband if she has custody of their young children?

Answer no but the children might have rights talk to a lawyer Answer An ex-spouse does not have rights of claim against the deceased' estate unless she is included in the will. In the majority of ... Read More »

What is your husbands brothers wife to you?

Would my husbands brothers wife be my sister in law?

I have looked up the definition in several online dictionaries & I think the answer is yes. http:/... Read More »

Who has the right to have my husbands 40th party the mom or the wife?

It should be the wife, because he's not under parental authority anymore. He has stopped being "her" baby some 20 years ago!Haven't you heard of that verse, a man's your son till he gets him a wif... Read More »