Does the white macbook have the same motion sensor as the Pro?

Answer YES. Absolutaly the same.

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Can I add another sensor to a motion sensor outside light?

it can be done but would have to see your existing light to be able to tell you

Who invented the motion sensor?

Russian musician and inventor Leon Teremin invented the motion sensor in the 1920s. Theremin used his knowledge of the body's electrical charge to create his device, which he termed the "Radio Watc... Read More »

How do I adjust a motion sensor?

Reduce the Motion Sensor Field of ViewSet up a ladder on even ground, in a position to safely reach the motion sensor. Turn the dial switch marked "Range" counter-clockwise to shorten the motion se... Read More »

How do you reset your outdoor motion sensor?

You need to turn the power off for 30 seconds and turn it back on. If it stays on then cycle it again by doing the same thing.