Does the white i Phone show scratches?

Answer From my experience with my iPhone 4, it is in my email box and in trash and in archive.

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How do I avoid scratches in a white porcelain sink?

CleaningUse a soft pad or cloth and mild solutions when cleaning. Most scouring powders contain hard, grainy particles which can cause tiny scratches in the porcelain. To deep clean these sinks, it... Read More »

How to Get Scratches Off Your Phone?

Screens on iPhone cellular devices do not scratch easily, but any phone can get a scratch and, as a result, look older and less attractive. Try to remove scratches from your phone using several hou... Read More »

What was the name of the children's TV show 80's or 90's where a little girl was dressed all in white and had a white bedroom?

You're probably referring to the little robot from small wonder.

How Can I Get Scratches Off a Phone's Face?

For many Americans, cell phones are an indispensable work and social tool. The screens of these expensive gadgets are easily scratched when the phone is tossed inside a purse, placed in a back pock... Read More »