Does the welfare of animals during rearing affect the taste of the meat?

Answer I would say yes. The welfare of the animal, what it eats during it's life and the way it is slaughtered will affect the taste of the meat. I will only buy my meat from a local organic butcher - ... Read More »

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Does eating meat affect the physical, emotional and spiritual welfare of a human being?

Eating meat encourages the 'Tamsik' or lower attributes of human nature, for spiritual advancement humans need the 'Satvik' attributes to floursih that is possible through simple vegetarian meals o... Read More »

Why does lamb meat taste bad?

I don't like the taste of many meats. Maybe you are not used to it or don't like it. I like lamb meat if it is done with mint sauce. I like fish if it is done properly but grilled fish I just can't... Read More »

Why does meat taste so gross to me lately?

That happened to me too. Eggs and certain meat. I have become very picky and can't stand how certain things taste, mostly meat and eggs. Our bodies are always changing, even our taste buds. Plus, w... Read More »

Does substitute meat taste good?

Quorn is and example and tastes really good, some just tastes like the meat. Be careful when it comes to supermarkets own brands, they can taste truly disgusting.