Does the way you view certain things affect the way you think?

Answer On One Hand: Your Perceptions Shape Your ThoughtsThe way in which you view certain things is what's known as your perception. Your perception pertains not only to your awareness of what you sense, ... Read More »

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Does acne/spots in different parts of your face mean you are deficient in certain things?

Yup!Spots on your chin are caused by hormonal changes.Spots on your forehead are affected by diet.Spots on your cheeks, interestingly enough are affected by respiritory problems.

Does remote controls affect living things?

if u go to ' ' u can see how to make them but they have some things that wouldn't really worka magnet is pulled to metal witch ever way you put it and... Read More »

Why can't I view certain comments on YouTube videos?

If you are unable to see video-comments which are marked as "spam" (or with lots of negative thumbs)....Near the top of every page of comments (below the thumbnails) is a very thin rectangle usuall... Read More »

Why do certain things on my tv flicker?

It could be your TV failing. Go to stores to see if modern TVs work for you.