Does the way you view certain things affect the way you think?

Answer On One Hand: Your Perceptions Shape Your ThoughtsThe way in which you view certain things is what's known as your perception. Your perception pertains not only to your awareness of what you sense, ... Read More »

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Four Things That Affect Rate of Diffusion?

Diffusion is the process by which atoms of one material are transferred into another material through random atomic motion. In diffusion, a material moves from areas of high concentration of that m... Read More »

Things That Affect Your Sensitivity to Taste?

Your mouth contains taste buds that help you identify bitter, salty, sour and sweet foods. When you are born you have approximately 10,000 taste buds that slowly die as you age, leaving you with pe... Read More »

Apart from alcohol what are some other things that affect the fetus?

Answer As far as I am aware of here are some other things: illegal drugs, narcotics, x-rays, some prescription medications (birth control pills, etc.), some over the counter medications (ibuprofen... Read More »

What Things May Affect a Historian's Objectivity?

Historians are responsible for uncovering and interpreting facts about the past, which places them at an interesting intersection point between art and science. However, because all historians are ... Read More »