Does the vrvd640g work with ipods?

Answer The VR3 VRVD640G, an in-dash GPS navigation and DVD player unit for a car, does not offer full support for an iPod or other MP3 player. However, it does have a USB connection, allowing a user to co... Read More »

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Does Napster work with iPods?

While you cannot sync music to your iPod using Napster, you do have the option of purchasing music on Napster and having the music files automatically added to iTunes. Only iTunes can be used to sy... Read More »

Does limewire work with ipods?

Limewire is a popular P2P (Peer to Peer) file sharing program created by LimeWire LLC. Though many audio formats can be downloaded from Limewire, many of them are compatible with the Apple iPod.Sup... Read More »

Does iTunes work with MP3 players other than iPods?

While iTunes can only sync with iPods, iPhones and Apple TV, most MP3 players will still play songs imported into iTunes or iTunes Plus music purchases. Make sure your player supports MPEG-4 AAC fi... Read More »

Will iPod nano speakers work with other iPods or mp3 players?

no, they will only work with the nano, as the nano is quite a bit smaller than other ipods and mp3 players. If you bought a speaker for an ipod touch, it would also work with the nano.