Does the use of diatomaceous earth in a sand filter destroy the sand's ability to filter?

Answer Answer huh...i'd try using sand in the sand filter and DE in a DE filter for optimum results.A: Yes, D E can interfere with the sands ability to to it's job.

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How much diatomaceous earth should I put in my pool filter?

You should add diatomaceous earth to your pool filter at the rate of 2 oz., or 0.125 pounds, per square foot of surface area. For example, a 25 square foot pool filter multiplied by 0.125 equals 3.... Read More »

How to Clean a Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter?

With its ability to remove dirt particles as small as 2 microns in size, a diatomaceous earth (DE) pool filter has the ability to maintain crystal clear pool water. Because the filter filters out s... Read More »

How do I clean a diatomaceous earth pool filter?

Preparing the FilterTurn off the main circuit breaker for the swimming pool pump. Open the pressure valve on the main filter to relieve air pressure from the filter. Drain all water from the DE fil... Read More »

Hi have a hayward ec30 earth filter and the bump handle to regenerate the earth is limp it has no resistance at all with the filter on or off..any answers thanks?

Answer Not sure with an EC30, I have an EC45 but assuming they are similar make sure the steel rod in the center top is attached to the bump handle. less likely:With an ec45 you can detach the top... Read More »