Does the use of biophosphanates affect arthritis?

Answer On One Hand: It Sounds GoodTaking a drug that would help the body reabsorb bone and prevent bone loss seems like an appropriate treatment for arthritis. However biophosphonates, or bisphosphonates ... Read More »

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How can Rheumatoid arthritis affect an infant?

The same way as it does an adult. RA is an inflammatory disease that is usually starts to show up i the joints. and like it does in adults it will start to destroy cartilage which in turn will lead... Read More »

How does arthritis affect elderly people?

The same as it does anyone at any age. it reduces the ability to use your joints and causes pain with movement. this can however be especially hard on older people as they are less likely to be mus... Read More »

Does high humidity affect arthritis?

On One Hand: Humidity Unlikely to Aggravate ArthritisAccording to professor of medicine Donald A. Redelmeier's 2004 "Scientific American" article, "Does Damp Or Wet Weather Really Make Arthritis Pa... Read More »

If arthritis has affected the left knee will it affect other joints over a period of time?

it depends it osteoarthritis or rheumatoid?....osteoarthritis can start in an old injury doesn't" spread " per say , but most folks will end up with it in several places if they live lo... Read More »